Having been psychic since childhood I did what most of us do, block it in order to fit in with the crowd.  Life moved on and after getting married and having two wonderful children I then realised that part of me was missing and I needed to re-awaken my natural psychic ability.  It was always there, and I certainly used it for myself and friends, but I felt it was time to start actually using it to help people which I get enormous pleasure from. I started out by going to various psychic fayres as a tarot reader and have helped many people on their journey.

I enjoy being with people and as so many people have an interest in this area I started doing classes and workshops including tarot, astrology and psychic development.  I have recently started running psychic fayres as I feel people are beginning to become more open to this wonderful world and can meet other like-minded individuals.  I have since had the opportunity to talk on radio interviews, appear in psychic magazines and also do TV interviews which  helps spread the word further.

Having trained in various healing modalities over the years, I finally found what I was looking for when I discovered Rahanni Celestial Healing and trained with the founder, Carol Stacey, as I felt this deep calling within that it was something I was supposed to do.  I then went on to become a teacher as this too felt right.  In fact, having done the Rahanni journey with Carol since the beginning, she has chosen me to be the Founder Elect for this beautiful healing modality and I took over completely from her in January 2018,  which is a great honour.  I have since received an award as Alternative Therapist of the Year 2015 which was wonderful.

Teaching and helping others is very important in my life now, and as my children have grown up and left home it has given me more time to dedicate to my true calling.  I am always touched to see that so many of you have taken time to write some lovely testimonials and it gives me great pleasure to see that my readings or healing sessions have helped you. That is my aim in life, and I plan to continue for as long as I can.



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