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Neshla is an experienced teacher and has been running classes on how to Learn The Tarot regularly.  She makes it fun and interactive and it is so much easier than trying to learn from a book.  There are various options to choose from but the most popular is the eight week course as this gives students time to digest each lesson and practice in between.  At the end of the course you come away knowing the basic meaning of each card and how to read them intuitively.  You will also receive course notes each week for reference.  A certificate is also provided on completion.

Eight week course – these are held in Whiteley Community Centre from 7.30-9.00pm.   In the first two weeks you will have an introduction to the tarot as well as learning the major arcana and each week following a suit of the minor arcana will be taught ending with practice and spreads.

Intensive Tarot Weekend – we cover the same in two days so if you are short of time this one is for you!


Neshla will also travel  to teach intensive weekend tarot courses in your home or nearby area. Contact her for further details.

“Neshla teaches tarot in a very practical and informal way making the readings extremely easy to understand and interpret and fun in the process. The learning is relaxed and friendly and I came away with a sense of really understanding how it all works. In fact I have had excellent feedback on all my readings since, with clients saying they are ‘spot on’. I can’t recommend Neshla highly enough as both a person and teacher.”  Julie, Essex.
“I attended a tarot course with Neshla last week which has really helped me to understand the cards much more clearly. Neshla is a lovely gentle soul and this is reflected in her teaching style. She explains the background of the tarot clearly and the various meanings of each of the individual cards, followed by lots of practice readings.  I was vaguely familiar with the tarot but never really got to grips with it in the past.Since the course everything has slotted into place and my understanding and ability to interpret the cards has improved beyond measure which has given me a major confidence boost.  I have given several readings since the course and the feedback has been incredible – “spot on”, “very accurate” and “helped me to see the answers to my questions”.  Thanks to Neshla!   I would highly recommend her tarot course whether you intend to do readings in the future or just have an interest in this fascinating subject.”  Jane, London.

“To say Neshla’s intensive tarot course is excellent is a real understatement!   During the course Neshla imparts invaluable knowledge and what once felt like a mystery now makes complete sense.  This is a subject which is very close to Neshla’s heart and she has great passion for which really comes through in her teachings. The course is structured, clear and easy to understand.  You not only get  the teaching but there is plenty of time to practice too, so by the time you leave, you have had the benefit of hands on practical experience. During this course I have connected with an energy inside me and now have complete confidence in my ability and to use it going forward. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning the art of using tarot, you won’t find a better teacher than Neshla.”  SVX, London


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