Deep Process Soul Readings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANeshla does a deep process soul reading which are done using Archetype cards and utilising the Tree of Life.  These readings are designed to help you if you are stuck in a pattern of behaviour or are not moving forwards with life.  We often follow the same behaviour patterns through fear or low self esteem so these readings are designed to shift this negative energy so we can move forward to a better future. As the readings work with energy they can really helped people understand themselves better and to see why they have been behaving a certain way and can then go on to making amends to change the energy they no longer need to carry.

Book a reading with Neshla today and see how you can get the best out of life by making a few simple changes.


Readings are available in person (Locks Heath, Southampton) or by telephone or Skype (worldwide).

Neshla is also available at Mind Body & Spirit fayres so “like” the facebook page to be kept up to date on events or check the calendar on this site.

How to book.

Please use the contact form or telephone, so that Neshla can arrange a suitable date and time for your reading.

Once booked payment can be made by paypal or direct for face to face readings.

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