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  1. Neshla did a tarot reading for me yesterday.
    She was so welcoming and made me feel very comfortable.
    A very positive experience and I would definitely recommend and look forward to returning sometime soon.
    Thank you Neshla x

  2. Amazing lady tutor and facilitator. The Angel Office loved hosting you today for the rahanni course it was brilliant. We will look forward to welcoming you back in 2019. Once again thank you Neshla xx

  3. On Saturday I had a much needed reading as I was drawn to Neshla Avey. She was extremely accurate and empathetic with information she gave. Neshla has a true beautiful gift and she is guided to work on what is most need in your life. I left the reading feeling in lightened and lighter in emotions. Thank you Neshla I know our paths will cross again xx

  4. I attended a Rahanni Healing with Neshla in March 2018. I wasn’t sure what to expect, however Neshla explained what she was going to do and what I was expected to do which put me at ease. The session was so relaxing. During the session Neshla was drawn to my stomach and she asked me afterwards if I was trying to conceive. I had been trying with little success. I had told Neshla none of this at the beginning of the session. She reassured me that she had been shown a baby and that I wasn’t pregnant yet, but she felt I would be very soon. This in it self gave me hope. The following month I discovered that I was pregnant and yesterday I attended my scan which revealed that all was going well and I’m due December this year! I am so grateful for Neshla and I really do believe that Rahanni helped. The whole experience was beautiful and I wouldn’t hesitate to have it again in the future. Thank you again ❤️ xx

  5. I attended my second reading yesterday. Thank you so much; You were so spot on with accuracy and it was just a lovely catch up with my Dad which you enabled. I’m very looking forward to seeing you again and another chat with my lovely Dad. You go out of your way to make me feel very welcome and I left with a smile on my face and in a very uplifted mood. Thank you.

  6. Neshla is a wonderful teacher, healer and gifted psychic. I learned Rahanni with Neshla last November and since then have been practsing on numerous family & friends with some very positive feedback. Rahanni is a wonderful way to heal yourself & others in a gentle but powerful way. It has helped me personally immensely. Neshla is a really lovely, kind person, I feel very lucky to have met her.

  7. Having just had my first ever reading I was amazed at the accuracy.. a wonderful lady… I also had a Rahanni treatment… just amazing.. .Thank you Neshla x

  8. Thank you so much Neshla ! I had a reading with you today and your accuracy with my situation was incredible. Your guidance has given me the confidence to take action (and do what deep inside I already knew!) Neshla has a warm and friendly energy. I will always turn to Neshla when I feel the need for spiritual guidance as I truly trust her.

  9. I attended Neshla’s Beginners Tarot classes and found her to be an amazing and patient teacher. I have since attended her monthly Psychic workshops which are always very informative and interesting. It is a very friendly space where like-minded people get together and are encouraged to grow spiritually. Plus Neshla always has delicious biscuits and drinks for the break, what more could you want?

  10. I had a reading and healing with Neshla a few months ago.
    My reading was spot on and touched on items that not even those closest to me would have known about, and specific things have come to fruition as mentioned from the reading.
    The Rahanni healing was very relaxing and uplifting. Following my session I felt like a weight had been lifted and my energy shifted.
    I look forward to another session in the near future.

  11. I feel fortunate to have found Neshla, I had being doing Reiki since 2009 but felt recently that its energy was fading away – I wasn’t sure if I was losing my ability or if Reiki was becoming less strong. I did the Rahanni Level 1 about 18 months ago, but had not really committed the time properly to feel the new energies and get into a natural flow with the techniques and practices. A couple of weeks ago I completed the Level 2 Teacher Rahanni course, again with Neshla, and now I am so much stronger and once again connected. I have to say a very special “thank you” for supporting and guiding me through this transition and now I am able to move on to the next chapter of my life – to continue healing, now with Rahanni – and so my new journey begins – thank you Neshla – Namaste

  12. Thank you so much for today. Both myself and Mum left feeling so very uplifted. You were spot on with so many things, things that really only we would know about – very much looking forward to our Rahanni session next week, and will come back for more readings as well. You made us feel very welcome in your home.

  13. Having never had my cards read before, I was nervous and unsure as to what to expect. I needn’t have worried as from the second I met Neshla, I felt calm and at ease. She has such a fantastic aura and made me feel so comfortable and welcome. Within moments of Neshla beginning my reading, I was genuinely completely blown away by how accurate she was. I was overwhelmed with how she was able to confirm so much of what is currently going on in my life (I have never met Neshla before!) and there was no way that she could’ve known the things that she told me as much of it is completely confidential- stuff that no one else knows!
    Thank you Neshla. I am so very grateful to have met you and I am so excited to take my beautiful life, life it the full and begin my next chapter. I will most definitely see you again soon as would love to attend your workshops! You are a truly beautiful soul and have a very special & privileged gift that I am so glad you share with the Universe xx xx

  14. Thank you Neshla. A comprehensive reading, pertinent and clear.
    It felt real, which actually gives me confidence to follow through with the guidance
    You have shared through the cards. It feels like I have been given encouragement
    At the same time being told the truth that there will be challenges. I feel clearer and
    It’s like through the call I have another tool to help me with what I know I will go through.
    I was so delighted with my final angel card. I had the complete reading, I can recommend this
    With complete trust and confidence.
    Thank you. Barbara

  15. I had a wonderful reading with Neshla….. She got right to the core of what I need to do to move forward. She was very accurate about my character and I found it an extremely motivating and inspirational reading. The best I’ve had by far! Thank you Neshla x

  16. I found my Tarot reading to be insightful, and Neshla to be a warm, welcoming person, who has actually sparked off my interest in spiritual matters. I went to the local Mind, Body, Spirit fair she runs as well, and having popped in expecting to be an hour, was still there when the stallholders were packing up! I met some lovely people, who have led me to other events, all following on from my initial Tarot reading! I definately recommend Neshla

  17. Thank you Neshla for a very encouraging reading, I now feel ready to move forward – it was just what I needed to hear and has helped me enormously.
    I know that whenever I have reading with you it will help me and that’s a real gift

  18. Had a reading from this lovely lady my self on sunday 23rd in North devon at a festival. What she picked up was unbelievable, but she picked up on something that didn’t seem right, and passed me on to another person to read my aura and for the last week whilst speaking and having my aura checked. Found out i was close to a full blown attachment, this is what neshla had picked up on! Had myself cleansed and need some deep healing as the bad energy layer has been peeled away. I thank neshla for all her help and passing me on to get myself feeling better with the detached bad energy. Will work with neshla alot in the near future! By far one of the best. If not the best psychic i have met. Will be able to move forward so much spirtually with the help of this lovely lady! Thanks again neshla, kind regards Kirsty Cranio Mummy Squires xxx

  19. I went to see neshla on Monday to have a combination reading as I was at crossroads in my life and had to make some most important decisions in my life. I was really emotional and was not sure she could help me.
    Within 10 mins I knew neshla has to be gifted and blessed because she told me things about me and my life that only I would know and I was taken back.

    i thought I had lost all control of my life but she made me realise I am the only one who controls my life and she lifted the cloud over my mind.

    After my readings I had rahanni healing and it was the best decision because it released all my emotions I had been holding in.

    I would recommend anyone to neshla and if I had to describe neshla in one word it would be Amazing.

    Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you soon to get some more rahanni.

    God bless you x

  20. I have had a few readings with Neshla now and plan to have one once a year at least! They have always been exceptionally accurate, empathetic and helpful. This time she picked up that I haven’t been meditating and that I was having busy dreams due to that. She suggested as life is particularly busy at the moment, that I write down the dreams as they wanted to communicate in that way. I asked a question before I went to sleep and woke up receiving the answer by a quite strong visualisation. I would not have thought to do that otherwise. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

  21. Neshla is incredibly intuitive and her tarot readings are extremely accurate. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I would urge anyone wishing for some guidance to contact Neshla.

  22. Had my annual tarot reading with Neshla last night, always lovely to see her as well as the reading itself. Impressed as ever with her accuracy, level of detail and information given. Past readings have always been spot on and I am now embracing what 2017 has for me! thank you Neshla x

  23. Thank you so much for your interesting tarot reading at the fair on Saturday. I have had a few tarot readings and yours has been the most informative. It was great to have all the things I have been told confirmed.

  24. What a wonderful lady Neshla is. I had a reading with Neshla that was so good it opened up many things to me including my spiritual side. From then onwards I have been taught by Neshla how to read the Tarot and the beautiful Rahanni and onwards to ascension classes. I cannot thank Neshla enough for helping with my journey so far.

  25. I had a reading with Neshla and it was so accurate. Neshla is so lovely and passes the messages on in a way they really make sense. What is nice is having Rahanni afterwards! Thank you so much. Can’t recommend Neshla enough. Xx

  26. A few weeks ago, I had a coffee with Neshla Avey and was immediately drawn to this lovely, warm and compassionate lady. It was fascinating to hear about her skills and I booked a reading and healing session with her to find out more. Well, the reading left me speechless (THAT doesn’t happen much!) and the Rahanni healing session definitely helped my very bad back that I suffer with every day. The thing that I liked most is that Neshla uses her skills to be very positive and forward looking. I left feeling very excited about next year and very reassured about the direction I am taking. Its a perfect thing to do at this time of year when we are all making New Year resolutions and moving into 2017. Book a reading for 2017…you won’t regret it. Thank you Neshla xx

  27. I have had three readings with Neshla this year. Neshla is very very intuitive and is very honest. You can be confident that you are hearing the truth. My situation is tricky and Neshla had to unpick this but she did and offered her advice on how I should move forward. Thanks Neshla X

  28. Thank you neshla for a wonderful reading today, i really enjoyed it. You were very accurate with my reading and have given me some inspiration.
    I will definitely recommend you to friends and family.
    Thanks again love and blessings

  29. Neshla read my cards for me when I was at a crossroads in my life. She gave me the confidence that I needed to peruse my new career via the cards which all pointed to and confirmed my decision. She is a very gentle, caring and down to earth person, whilst being very precise with her reading. Would highly recommend.

  30. Neshla, thank you so much for my reading at the Healing Weekend. What a lovely reading, all good things in my life and around me. I couldn’t stop smiling, thank you xx

  31. i cannot believe how Neshla knew so much about me she was spot on with everything even the hp sauce (you know what i am talking about Neshla).Will be seeing Neshla again.
    Thank you Neshla

  32. Neshla is a brilliant healer. After completing my Rahanni training as a Practitiioner and teacher with Neshla I have regular Rahanni Healing sessions. They are always so beneficial. I get brought back to balance both physically and spiritually.

  33. This lovely woman gave me a reading which was very accurate. I had been worrying about several things for a while and what she said was spot on and literally made me realise everything would be all right. I would definitely recommend her to anyone; she is not only accurate but also so warming, friendly and easy to talk too x

  34. Neshla was recommended to me and I am so pleased I went to see her. I had the most amazing reading 2 April, she was as the testimonials have said. She was so kind and very accurate, she saw my troubles and my future. She gave me the inspiration to return to my spiritual path and my dreams are achievable. Neshla is a genuinely gifted, compassionate healer and I would recommend her to anyone.

  35. I visited Neshla on the recommendation of a friend. I was a little apprehensive but she put me completely at ease with her friendly professional manner. Neshla is so intuitive, with a real gift and knew things about my life and innermost feelings that were astonishing. I am so pleased that I went to see her, it was an amazing and beautiful experience and I feel ready to enter the next stage of my life .

  36. Thank you so much for my reading yesterday. It left me feeling so positive well knowing that the route I am now on is the right one. You even told me what I was going to do in my business venture down to the small details which no one could know about – not only was I gobsmacked but it also acted as the push I needed to know I am in the right direction. Faith and patience will reveal all. Thank you again xx

  37. I recently had a reading with Neshla. Wow! Can not believe the things she knew, I was blown away. The information she knew about my late mother and father was so accurate. She is such a caring and kind lady who will guide you onto the right path without telling you what to do. She will also tell you when something isn’t right either. I will definitely be going back again for a reading.

  38. I spoke to Neshla soon after my mum died and she told me things that only I would have known. It gave me great comfort and confidence in my feeling that she was still with me. She was so kind and compassionate and gave me so much extra time. She also told me of something that was about to happen that I could not connect with and then it happened the next day ! awesome thank you x

  39. “I found Neshla’s reading to be insightful and helpful. Not only did her interpretation feel right to me and I could easily link what she was reading to the details of what has happened and is happening in my life, but it helped me connect back up to the bigger picture and purpose of where I am and what I may choose to be aware of in facing opportunities and challenges as I move forward; very useful.”

  40. I needed a reading and as a medium psychic myself I felt drawn to Neshla at a psychic fair. She was very good, I would see her again.

  41. I have just received an amazing telephone reading from Neshla.

    Having never met or spoken to her before (other than via FB), the information she readily gave me was very accurate and straight to the point.

    Whilst listening to Neshla, I realise that I have been plodding along in a cloud of worry, too much in my head and not enough action taken to make the positive changes necessary, especially when it comes to looking after myself – Can’t help others if I don’t look after me! A rest is definitely needed, so as advised by Neshla, that’s what I intend to do for a while and let the rest follow.
    I highly recommend Neshla to all who would like a reading, she’s excellent and although is professional through-out, her lovely warm and friendly energy will immediately draw you in and make you feel comfortable.
    Her reading is one of the best I have ever received!

  42. What a great Tarot reading by Neshla, she made me feel so welcome and relaxed. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the reading was very accurate, it was as though she had known me for years. It was nice to hear the answers to the questions I asked and even the answers to the questions I didn’t ask..but she seemed to know! I’ve always wanted to take a certain direction in my life but I didn’t think I had the ability to. I now that’s not the case and it’s given me the confidence move forward.
    Thank you so much Neshla. I’ll definitely be back. xx

  43. I met you Neshla today at the psychic fair. Thank you for an amazing reading. Everything you said today was spot on you had amazing information I am touched and feel so happy to hear from my Dad. I appreciate your hard work and your time and to have met such a lovely lady. Your amazing gift inspired me much love and hugs. BM x

  44. I had a another reading by Skype this time with Neshla as I had a situation that I needed advice/confirmation on. Immediately she identified exactly my situation and provided guidance and confirmation for me. She is so accurate, caring and I felt so gratified after the reading. I appreciate we all have free will and that we can do what we want, but it is so rewarding to hear what she says when it is so pertinent to you and it can enable/empower you to make decisions. Once again Neshla thank you so much, you truly are a spiritual lady!

  45. Today I had a reading with Neshia.i was very impressed.everything she said to me was spot on.
    I could not fault a thing.i would recommend Neshia to anyone who wants a reading because you will not be disappointed .
    What a nice lady she is and I will be definitely rebooking in 6 months time.

  46. Hi Neshla
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for my reading,because of it I am feeling so much more optimistic and positive about the future. Everything you picked up on was spot on! Thank you so much again, definitely the best reading I have ever had (and I’ve had many over the years)!
    Will be in touch again.
    Natasha xx

  47. I went to a friends house for a reading with Neshla last Friday. She was fantastic, she commented on things in my life and about myself that I haven’t told anyone. She has really helped my to open my eyes to me as a person and what I need to do to better myself in the future. She is kind and caring and very intuitive.

    I would recommend her to anyone and I will certainly be calling her again in a years time for another reading!

  48. I have just returned from a reading with Neshla, to say she is amazing is an understatement. She was very intuitive and correct in assessing everything going on around me, immediately she honed into the areas of my life where I was hoping to receive guidance. Neshla puts you at ease immediately and makes you feel like your having a chat with a friend. I couldn’t recommend Neshla more highly, I would definitely go and see her again.

  49. Neshla is a very welcoming gifted lady she really helped me through a life changing decision that had caused me a lot of heartache I have highly recommended her to my friends.

  50. It’s quite hard to find the right words that will do Neshla justice…
    I’ve seen a lot of tarot readers and psychics over the years and have often come away feeling frustrated…I felt they didn’t truly connect with me and could tell they were just doing what they do for the money. But with Neshla you can instantly tell she is the ‘real deal’ and that she genuinely cares; she has a special gift that she has obviously lovingly nurtured in order to help others.
    I felt that Neshla could ‘see’ into my soul straight away and she gave balanced insight about my current issues. It was like she was answering the questions and thoughts I’d been having in my head over the past few months without me even having to voice them. Her accuracy was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed my gentle yet powerful reading. I already feel lighter and have a clearer view of my path. I went to Neshla feeling lost, stuck and sad… And I left feeling calm, encouraged and positive. I am so happy I followed my gut instincts and saw her.

    I can’t recommend Neshla enough – what a special lady. Xx

    (Also, her healing room in her house is amazing! 🙂 …)

  51. I visited Neshla on 26/06/2105. I found her to be friendly, intuitive & approachable. I went for the tree of life reading as I needed some answers to questions about where my life is going. Neshla quickly got to where I needed to be heading & where my issues lay. She backed this up with a tarot reading that was eerily accurate. As a result of this I now know where i need to spend my energy & time. If you’re thinking of paying Neshla a visit don’t put it off. I would strongly recommend her. You won’t be disappointed.

  52. Fantastic Lady. I had a tarot reading with Neshla. She helped me to see my life more clearly. Very comfortable to speak to. I so appreciate her help and I will be back for sure. It is nice to know her. Thank you Neshla

  53. My close friend recommended Neshla to me some time ago and I am very pleased I listened to his advise and booked an online 60 minutes tarot reading.

    Nesha is an extraordinary person and she reads tarot in a friendly, calm, advisory manner.

    I live overseas and we had a video chat and not a personal appointment but it was just amazing! Neshla covered all my questions and was able to see everything that troubled me and provided me with guidelines. She was able to see what worries me (and I get worried a lot) and she covered all aspects of my life.

    The tarot reading via a video chat (FaceTime) was a very nice and friendly experience and I highly recommend Neshla to everyone!

  54. Neshla with the help of her spirit guides homed in on exactly what was needed when I had my reading. Was so pertinent to what was happening around me! Also confirmed what I had intended to do so a double bonus. Thank you for your guidance Neshla you are a truly spiritual person and have lots of personal responsibility when dealing with people who need that guidance – bless you.

  55. I have only ever had one other reading as accurate and helpful as the reading done by Neshla yesterday. I had been questioning certain areas in my life and she zoned in on these and helped me to decide my way forward. The reading was so helpful and done in such a kind way that I came out of there actually feeling hope instead of dread. Thank you so much Neshla for your reading and the guidance you gave me – I shall be taking your advice (and that of the spirits) to help me move forward in the best way for me.

  56. Thank you very much. had a reading this evening, spot on! highly reccomend you and will be in touch. Made me feel so compfortable
    many thanks nikki

  57. April 2015 My daughter and I came to see Neshla together for tarrot card readings and had a thoroughly enjoyable hour. Neshla is a very intuitive reader with both our readings spot on. After coming through some of life’s hard lessons we received very positive cards. This has helped our self esteem to grow and for me to move forward happily in my life. Thank you!

  58. I had a tarot reading with Neshla in November 2014 which confirmed much of what my inner guidance was communicating to me. Neshla has such a calming, enabling energy. After a reading from her my confidence, in every aspect of my life, has grown. I also had the privilege to be attuned to Rahanni by Neshla which was an amazing experience, taught by a very special lady.I would recommend Neshla to anybody!

  59. I have had a number of Rahanni sessions with Neshla, and in all of them I was aware of a high level and beautiful healing energy entering my body. The most recent session was the most powerful yet, leading to a profound opening of the heart centre. As well as being an amazing channel for these energies, Neshla is also a gifted psychic, and is able to provide intuitive insights and guidance after the session. I have also had a psychic reading with Neshla, and was greatly impressed by her accuracy, insight and honesty. Neshla genuinely cares about the people who visit her, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

  60. I have experienced many healing and card readings over the years, but I can honestly say that Neshla gave me the best of both this week. I really felt her connection with me, and her accuracy was outstanding. I am deeply grateful for this experience which has given me new zest and optimism to my situation I am facing. I would have no doubt at all in recommending her for any of her therapies. She is very genuine and extremely talented lady and lovely with it!

  61. I have known Neshla for a few months; I attended her Beginners Tarot Course – which was excellent, learning the tarot has been a wonder.
    Being a little bit introverted working with Neshla is so calming, she is welcoming, and has the ability to put you instantly at ease. I booked in for a deep process reading at the end of 2014, as I knew there were some old habits and behaviours that were stopping me from moving forward, and I just couldn’t pinpoint what they were.
    I wish I’d seen Neshla sooner, she got to the heart of the matter straight away, she was gentle and kind – but most importantly, honest. The reading showed me emotional baggage I had no idea I was still carrying around – and is helping me to finally let it all go. I am so pleased that our paths have crossed, and hope to learn Rahanni in the new year.

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