A time to reflect

I really enjoyed the retreat – it was good to step away from everyday routine and have time to reflect on life from a relaxed perspective.  Neshla’s morning meditations out in nature were a great focus and way to start the day.  The clearing activations and psychic workshops were so good and I learnt some new tools that I could apply when I got home.   It was great to be with a group of like minded people and we had a lovely connection.  All this together with an amazing reading with Neshla, as always.  A relaxing reflexology treatment.  Plus enough free time to just be and a trip out to Jonzac to explore somewhere new.  Then we also had an Ascension workshop which I found fascinating – Neshla is a very tuned in and inspiring teacher – I will definitely be signing up to learn more.

It was a real treat for the mind, body and soul – very transformative – and I left feeling uplifted with a lot more clarity and inspiration for my path.