By far one of the best

Had a reading from this lovely lady my self on Sunday 23rd in North Devon at a festival. What she picked up was unbelievable, but she picked up on something that didn’t seem right, and passed me on to another person to read my aura and for the last week whilst speaking and having my aura checked. Found out i was close to a full blown attachment, this is what Neshla had picked up on! Had myself cleansed and need some deep healing as the bad energy layer has been peeled away. I thank Neshla for all her help and passing me on to get myself feeling better with the detached bad energy. Will work with Neshla a lot in the near future! By far one of the best. If not the best psychic I have met. Will be able to move forward so much spiritually with the help of this lovely lady! Thanks again Neshla, Kind regards.