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I can help you move forward in life

One-to-one mentoring


Stuck in a rut, repeating old patterns, don’t know which way your life is going, then Neshla’s one to one mentoring sessions are for you.

Neshla combines her life coaching, counselling, psychic and healing skills to help you to find your own path in this lifetime.  Neshla intuitively knows what you need in each session and tailors each one to fit the person and their current situation.  Every session is different, depending where you are in life.  You can have regular sessions or just book a session when you feel you need one.

If you want to work on your ascension and spiritual development then Neshla can work with you to help you release any blockages so that are holding you back from your full potential.


Neshla’s clients say . . .

My regular mentoring sessions with Neshla help me to keep focussed on what is working well in my life and not let the difficult times become overwhelming.   If you are thinking of having mentoring with Neshla I could not recommend it highly enough!

Neshla’s caring and open nature allows me to speak my truth whilst feeling heard and supported.  Her mentoring helps me to shift and transform unhelpful feelings and thoughts and after each session I feel reassured and grounded whilst having clear steps to follow to move forward. 

Through having mentoring sessions with Neshla, I have so much clarity and peace of mind with the direction of my life. Neshla really helps me to move away from fear when it creeps up and helps bring me back to a space of love.

It’s been a game changer for me to have the reassurance that I get through these sessions to know that I am exactly where I am meant to be and on the right path. Neshla brings so much value to my life through these sessions and for anyone thinking about working with her I would HIGHLY recommend. In fact I have sent many of my friends to work with her 🙂 Thank you Neshla. 

These sessions really are tailored for you and your needs so book your session now and find out how it can help you move forward.