Divine Empowerment® Vibrational Healing

Neshla is a Level 6 Divine Empowerment practitioner and loves working with this new energy to help people let go of the emotions around any trauma or pain.

Why Divine Empowerment?

This vibrational healing can be done face to face or online.  You just need to be able to sit in the energy so that Neshla can dissolve the emotions and release them.   Whatever experiences we have in life we hold onto the emotions around them and this healing can dissolve the energy from painful emotions we carry.  If we hold onto them too long then it can manifest as physical pain.

Describe it, feel it and I can then work on erasing it.  

Truly remarkable

I’ve been working with Neshla for some time now and she is truly astounding – her ability to understand what’s truly going on in the universe.

I wouldn’t bother looking anywhere else her ability makes this lady on another level of professionalism. Truly Gifted.


Best healing I have ever had

Neshla not only possesses such wonderful psychic and healing gifts, but also has a wonderful way of communicating during sessions. Neshla explains helpful guidance in a positive, understanding and perceptive way; so that it can be taken forward and put into practise. Neshla has a professional yet benevolent demeanour, where you always feel at ease and protected when with her. I had not experienced anything like this ever before. Neshla combines her gifts to create powerful and effective clearings, which leave you feeling free. I would recommend Neshla to anyone and find her sessions work wonderfully in person and also remotely, which I have been doing with her during the pandemic.

Amazing energy clearing

I have experienced Neshla’s beautiful intuitive healing through a variety of readings, courses and healings. Most recently Neshla has worked on ‘Emotional Release Clearing’ with me, which I have found to be extremely effective. This clearing has provided me with renewed confidence to face challenging situations; which previously I found to be more fearful. During the sessions, I felt strong emotional clearing and afterwards my body and mind felt much lighter, and more relaxed.

I feel so much lighter and calmer

Neshla helped me to release deep feelings of guilt, built up from years of taking on all the responsibility when things had gone wrong in relationships, rather than allowing it to be shared, which had taken its toll. After her incredible healing I am now feeling so much lighter and calmer in myself, and my boundaries are much clearer. I already feel much less affected by interactions that would previously have triggered me, and have the calm resolve to be able to move forwards in my life with strength and confidence. Thank you so much Neshla.

Neshla released my trauma

I had a healing session with Neshla to help release trauma, and it was an incredibly powerful experience. As Neshla asked me to visualise relationships that had been traumatic, initially the energy was very unsettling and intense and I could feel the entanglement and trauma associated with that relationship. As she continued to send healing I could feel the tension and trauma fall away and I was left with a very calm feeling inside. This was repeated with other difficult relationships and each time the release was amazing.

I have lost weight

One of my main issues was my weight. I had struggled with my weight for a number of years and found it very difficult to lose weight but within days of having my last trauma healing session with Neshla to address the reasons for me holding onto weight, the weight seemed to just fall off quite easily. In fact, I have lost half a stone within two weeks.

Releasing family trauma

After each release session, I had a sense that people around me were reacting to me differently. My loved ones seemed to want to show much gratitude towards me, mostly for all the unconditional love that I had given them in the past. They seemed to all have this ‘light bulb’ moment that they all loved me very deeply but I knew it was due to the trauma healing sessions that I had had with Neshla.

Getting rid of repeating patterns

Looking back over my life, I had repeated the same patterns over and over but it was time to stop these patterns. During the session, I felt a great sense of release. The heaviness I felt each time I thought about an issue seemed to dissipate as Neshla seemed to clear the heavy energy out my aura. What became very obvious to me very quickly was how different I felt after one session. I had a sense that my body felt whole. I would defiantly recommend having a session with Neshla to heal any unresolved trauma that you are experiencing. For me, these sessions have been life changing.


I can now reach my full potential

I was suffering with back pain so had a session with Neshla and this healing took me through moments in my past. I can’t find the words to describe the experience, but I did commit to the healing and it has been transformational for my well-being. I can talk at peace about episodes in my past and my body no longer has an uncomfortable response. Not only is my mind at peace but I have not had any back pain since! Thank you Neshla for peacefully clearing the negative energy I held in my past, and I can step forward with building my journey and reaching my full potential. I know I am good enough as I am and I like me.


My shoulder pain has gone

I informed Neshla of a shoulder injury from a dislocation 18 years ago. It aches all the time and couldn’t rest on that side at night but to my amazement that’s not ached since. It sounds too good to be true but it’s the truth. 

Giusppe, Basingstoke

Amazing impact on my life

I cannot thank Neshla enough for the release healing sessions I had. I didn’t know what to expect and feared that it would be a very long process. I’m amazed at the impact it has had on my life and overall well being! Within 2 sessions I felt able to let go of so much from my past and felt like a new person! I can’t explain how it works – it just does!

Kerrie, Southampton

Release Energy Healing

Thank you Neshla for my energy healing it’s was an amazing experience and exactly what I needed to help me move forwards.

Nisha, London

Cannot wait for another session

My experience with Neshla for Trauma Release Energy healing was absolutely amazing! Over the course of the session, Neshla helped me work through trapped trauma and release it. I left feeling light, happy & calm. I cannot wait for another session to continue to release & heal. Highly recommend.

Rachel, Thames Ditton

The testimonials speak for themselves.

What can it help with?

Emotional Release – Letting go of past experiences which are holding us back

Trauma Release – Letting go of shock from incidents which are held in the body

Physical Relief – Letting go of the emotions behind physical pain

Perfect for:

  • Bereavement
  • Relationship breakups
  • Emotional trauma
  • Abuse/bullying – physical, mental, emotional
  • Depression
  • Phobias
  • Childhood trauma
  • Aches and pains
  • Single trauma events - eg car accident

Each session lasts approximately an hour.

Single session £75.00
Group session (up to five people) £350