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The Learner Tarot Cards


The learner tarot – designed with the beginner in mind

What are they?

The Learner Tarot video course Neshla Avey

These unique cards have been designed for those with no knowledge of the tarot and who want to develop their intuitive skills and understand the basics of the tarot. By learning the basic meanings of all 78 cards the learner can work with these until they feel confident enough to start using a more comprehensive deck.

Neshla Avey the learner tarot online course

Learn step by step how to read tarot cards with Neshla’s The Learner Tarot online course. The ideal accompaniment to help you learn the tarot.

Why are these cards different?

These cards are like no other as they are simply and easy to follow. They are so basic it encourages the user to tap into their intuition. There are no other decks on the market quite like these and students are amazed at what they can pick up with a simple picture.



What Neshla's customers say about the cards . . .

Fantastic cards for beginners and intermediate

These cards are so simple and beautiful. I’ve been using the tarot for years, but wanted to learn the true meaning of the deck and came across these. They’re so easy to understand and for the first time, I’m actually able to do readings without having to refer back to books. I almost feel like a professional!! They help me remember what each card’s meaning is, and I have been able to transfer this onto my other, more intricate packs. Defo worth buying if your just starting out, or like me, needed to start at the beginning despite dabbling for a long time. They would make a wonderful gift for someone wanting to start out using the tarot.

Miss D.

Simplicity of use!

I love these Tarot cards that Neshla has created. She understands that simplicity is the way forward, as so many other packs take too long to get your head around the meanings of every card. These from Neshla just open the 3rd eye and the intuitive side of our brain does the rest. I found I could read for people without the worry of making sure I understood every sign and symbol – It was just so easy to navigate through the pack with amazing results.

Cara Leigh

Great new light into the tarot cards

These learning Tarot cards are a great way of starting, they take away the scary perception of tarot and add a beautiful welcoming light to tarot, highly recommended ❤️😇


What a great new way to learn the tarot

These cards are brilliant for beginners who want to learn tarot without being too complicated. Neshla is a great teacher so I definitely recommend her new online course alongside these cards. I studied tarot with Neshla several years back using the Rider Waite pack and struggled at first with the detail involved in each card, these new cards would certainly have helped me back then. Well done Neshla 💜


Excellent – A great way for ‘beginners’ to learn the ‘Tarot’. The booklet is brilliant too!

These cards are amazing for learning a ‘buzzword’ for each card in a Tarot Deck.

The little booklet that accompanies Neshla’s Cards is brilliant too!

If you are new to learning the Tarot, or struggle to remember every card, you won’t be disappointed if you buy these cards!