It’s quite hard to find the right words that will do Neshla justice . . .

I’ve seen a lot of tarot readers and psychics over the years and have often come away feeling frustrated…I felt they didn’t truly connect with me and could tell they were just doing what they do for the money. But with Neshla you can instantly tell she is the ‘real deal’ and that she genuinely cares; she has a special gift that she has obviously lovingly nurtured in order to help others.

I felt that Neshla could ‘see’ into my soul straight away and she gave balanced insight about my current issues. It was like she was answering the questions and thoughts I’d been having in my head over the past few months without me even having to voice them. Her accuracy was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed my gentle yet powerful reading. I already feel lighter and have a clearer view of my path. I went to Neshla feeling lost, stuck and sad… And I left feeling calm, encouraged and positive. I am so happy I followed my gut instincts and saw her.

I can’t recommend Neshla enough – what a special lady. Xx 

(Also, her healing room in her house is amazing!)