Rahanni course

I did my Rahanni course yesterday and I love Neshla’s teaching style. I’m really dyslexic so I’am a visual learner. She so supported me through the course. I feel if you need any more support Neshla would be there. She is so helpful and with COVID it was small group as well that I prefer anyway to be honest – if too big sometimes some people get over looked. I’d only had a treatment once with one of Neshla’s student plus my partner always was drawn to it. I never knew why but now I’m really understand why after doing the course. I wouldn’t never done course, he told me if I can do it want it treatment done. it is a lovely calming energy treatment. I felt today after my attunement yesterday my mind and throat so clear and balanced, it’s shown me where I’m going now. there was signs before but I’m not sure if I believe in doing it or myself confident or even right time. I can’t wait to learn tarot’s cards. god bless you thank you so much. I would highly recommend the course if you are drawn to it.