I took the Rahanni 2 course with Neshla on 21st August 2022 and have been undertaking the 21 days of self healing, which I have no wish to stop doing. I feel it has deepened my love for the energy and have felt a deepening of love for myself which has made me look at myself more and my wish to look after my body and to eat healthier and lose a few pounds (which I have started to do). I have also manifested my desires easier by asking the Angels for help, basically after looking for the past 2 years for the right dog who we love and loves us, she has now turned up! While self healing and playing the Rahanni music, I have felt overwhelming surges of gratitude and love which brings tears to my eyes and I feel grateful and blessed to be on this journey. Now, not only can I teach this beautiful healing but it has enhanced my own life even more. There is no hesitation in saying that if you are drawn to do this, then Neshla is a beautiful soul and will guide you on your way.